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Coconut Nankhatai

Coconut Nankhatai

Submitted by : Soniya Singh Duration : 25 Minutes Serve:6       Ingrediants 1/2 Cup wheat flour 1/2 Cup Maida 1/2 Ghee or Butter 1 Pinch of cardamon powder 1 Pinch Sodium Bi Carbonate (MEETHA SODA), 1/2 Cup powder sugar, 1/4 Cup coconut powder Method Take powder sugar...

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Μπισκότα γάλακτος Λιβανεζικα

υποβάλλονται από :Αρτοποιεια & Συνταγες ΥΛΙΚΑ Αλεύρι 1000γρ Βούτυρο 200γρ Γάλα 350γρ Ζάχαρη 400γρ 1 κουταλάκι του γλυκού μαστίχα 1 κουταλάκι του γλυκού μαχλεπι 1 κουταλιά της σούπας μπέικιν πάουντερ 1 κουταλιά της σούπας μαγιά ½ κουταλιά της σούπας τριμμένο...

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Oat, Coconut, Nuts & Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

Submitted by : Joure's Rustic Kitchen Ingredients 225g self raising flour 180g brown sugar 180g oats 125ml desiccated coconut 60ml chopped walnuts 125ml chocolate chips 2 medium bananas, mashed 80ml milk 60ml vegetable oil 10ml vanilla essence 2 extra large eggs,...

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Cheesy Jalapeño Pull Bread

Submitted by : Chef Noor Ingredients 1 rustic loaf of bread, unsliced, either Italian or French 12 ounces shredded mozrilla and chadder cheese 1/4 cup (less or more to taste) chopped pickled jalapeños 1/4 cup chopped green onions, including greens 1/4 cup (4 Tbsp)...

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Submitted by :Farid Brazilian Chef Black beans are a must in this recipe if you want it to be authentically Brazilian. A Portuguese version uses white beans, however. Serves:10 to 12 Ingrediants 1 pound (450 grams) dry black beans 4 Tbsp olive oil 1 pound (450 grams)...

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