Submitted by : Waqas Awan

Ingredients :

2 kg. raw mangoes
1\4 kg lemons
1\4 kg green chilies
1 kg. mixed vegetables such as carrots, peas, turnips and cauliflower
2 1\2 to 3 liters mustard oil
1\4 cup. salt
2 cups aniseed (saunf)
2 tbsp. turmeric
2 cup nigella seeds (kalonji)
2 cup fenugreek seeds (methre)
1\2 cup red chili powder or (according to the taste.)

Method :

  • Wash and pat dry all the vegetables. Cut the mangoes into half, remove seed and then cut into 11\2 inch sized pieces.
    Cut the lemons into half and slit the chilies carefully into half, leaving them still held together at the stalk. Peel the carrots
    and cut them into 2 inches long sticks. Peel and slice the turnip. Break the cauliflower into medium sized floret. Remove
    the peppery covering of the garlic and leave them whole.
  • Divide the salt into two parts. Place mangoes, lemons, garlic and chilies in a large bowl, sprinkle one part of the salt,
    mix well , cover and leave to marinate over night.
  • Next day gently squeeze out all the water released by the vegetables, taking care not to squeeze the juice from the
  • Place the carrots, peas, turnip and cauliflower in bowl, pour vinegar over it and mix well. Keep aside for 2-3 hours.
  • Strain the liquid from the vegetables and bring to a boil, put the vegetables and cook just for 2 minutes. Remove the
    vegetables with a slotted spoon and put them in a tray to cool completely.
  • Heat mustard oil to smoking point, remove from heat and leave it to cool. Mix all the spice ingredients and remaining
    salt with enough oil just to bind the spices.
  • Stuff the green chilies with the spice mixture. Rub gently the rest of the mixture over the mangoes, lemons and other
  • Place the mango mixture in an earthenware jar, Mix thoroughly with hands.
  • Pour in the remaining oil. The oil should cover the vegetables by about 2.5 cm (1 inch).
  • Cover the jar with a muslin cloth and keep it in an airing place.
  • Stir the contents of the jar for the first two weeks at least once a day. Do this to ensure that all pieces are completely dipped in the oil.
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