Recipe Submitted by : Purva’s Food Funda (Mumbai, India)

Ingredients for paneer/channa :

Milk – 1/2 liter
Lemon Juice – 1 big

Ingredients for Cham Cham :
Paneer – made from 1/2 lit
All purpose flour / Maida – 2 tsp

Ingredients for Sugar Syrup :
Sugar – 1/2 cup
Water 1/2 cup
Kesar colour – few drops

Ingredients for Malai :
Condensed Milk – 3 tbsp
Saffron strands few
Pistachios – 5 -6, slivered


    • Follow instructions to make Paneer
    • Once the paneer is ready, knead it with 2 tsp of flour to a soft dough. Pinch into small balls and shape them into oval shape.

Method for the syrup:

      • Heat the sugar in a pan with enough water to make a thin syrup. Add the saffron strands and kesar colour for the chum chum to absorb.
      • Add the paneer balls (cham cham) and cook for 5 mins. When you see that it’s done, allow it to cool.
      • Once the cham cham are cooled, remove from the sugar syrup.
      • Spread the condensed milk over the chum chum and top it with slivered Pistachios. Serve it chilled
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