Recipe Submitted by : Zeenat Hasta

Serves 4

Preperation Time 30 Minutes

Ingredients for batter

1/2 kg boneless chicken
1 1/2 table spoon corn flour
3 table spoon cream
1/2 tea spoon white or black pepper
1 piece of chicken cube
1/2 tea spoon of jeera powder
Salt for taste

Ingredients for frying

Small toothpicks.
Bread crumbs
3 eggs


  • Wash the chicken and cut in small pieces pat dry it with a cloth and keep it a side.
  • For Batter: Take all the above mentioned ingredients of the batter and mix it well into a paste and then add the chicken pieces and leave it for 1 to 2 hours.
  • Beat the eggs and keep it aside.
  • Keep the PAN on the gas on medium flame for the oil to heat
  • After the chicken is marinated put the toothpicks through the chicken pieces.
  • Take breadcrumbs in a plate and roll the chicken pieces in the bread crumbs first then dip it in the beaten egg and put it in the frying pan and let it fry till the colour changes to golden brown.
  • Once the colour changes to golden brown. Remove the chicken pieces and place it on the tissue to blot the oil.
  • Garnish it with a little coriander
  • Serve it with either tomato sauce, green chatni, or schezuwan sauce.

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