Submitted by : Rita Bose Cooking


Boneless chicken- 500 gm. (Cut into 2″ pieces)
Capsicum-1 (Large)
Tomato-1 (Large-Cut into 1″ pieces)
Onion-1 (Large-Cut into 1″ pieces)
Chaat masala & lemon juice- To sprinkle

1st Marinade:

Vinegar- 2 tbsp.
Ginger-Garlic Paste- 2 tbsp.
Salt to taste

2nd Marinade:

Thick yoghurt- 1/2 cup (Hung for 15 minutes)
Thick cream- 1/4 cup
Any type of processed cheese- 30 gm. (Finely grated)
Egg- 1
Cornflour- 1 tbsp.
Green chillies(Chopped) – 1 tbsp. (Optional)
Coriander leaves- 2 tbsp. (Finely chopped)


  • Wash and pat dry the chicken pieces. Marinate the chicken pieces with the first marinade for 30 mins.
  • Mix the items of the second marinade in a bowl. Marinate the chicken pieces in this mixture for 2-3 hours.
  • Arrange the chicken pieces on greased skewers, with the vegetables in between the chicken pieces.
  • Heat the oven or the gas tandoor. Place the skewers on a grill or a wire rack, brushed with some oil. Grill for 15 mins. turning once in between. Cook till chicken turns tender.
  • Serve hot with rice or rotis. Sprinkle the tikkas with lemon juice or chaat masala. Njoy!!

Note: To cook the tikkas in the oven, place a drip tray under the wire rack on which the tikkas are placed, to collect the drippings.


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