December 8, 2018 @ 10:30 am – 2:30 pm
101 Riya Residency
Near Bliss Bakery, Kondhwa
Meenakshi Ahuja

Home cooking….soon will be a forgotten skill and art!!

I am totally frustrated to watch an advert by one of these Food Delivery gbu companies where Mother and Son playing video game, son stops the game and says he is hungry, the super mom takes out mobile phone, open the App and orders food on-line and they start playing again.

Now this looks very ordinary, but think about it what culture we are getting into, the child’s mind is conditioned to the thinking, if you are hungry, order online…..the food delivered to your doorstep is not just food….it is Diabetes, obesity and all other life threatening companions are made part of your life.

Apart from this the shear joy of cooking for someone and seeing the happiness and satisfaction on the faces of your loved ones is tremendous. You just miss that and thereby the family bonding.

So food is not a commodity it’s emotions!!!

So if you are not able to cook even survival food then you are missing something in life!!!

So don’t feel proud and say “I can’t even make tea”…that’s pathetic….

Future homes will have only pantry as there will be no need to cook at home…

So Learn and Enjoy Cooking….it’s good for health!!!!!!

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