January 11, 2019 @ 9:00 am – January 19, 2019 @ 6:00 pm
Saint Moritz

Badrutt’s Palace Hotel*****Superior, St. Moritz From January 12th – 14th 2019 Executive Chef Dirk Haltenhof welcomes guest chef:
Chef and entrepreneur


  • Oud Sluis (until 2013):
    3 Michelin stars / 20 GaultMillau points
  • The Jane, Antwerp (BE):
    2 Michelin stars / 17 GaultMillau points
  • Pure C, Cadzand-Bad (NL):
    1 Michelin star / 17,5 GaultMillau points
  • AIRrepublic, Cadzand-Bad (NL):
    1 Michelin star

Dutchman Sergio Herman, other than Marc Veyrat from France, is the only chef ever to have received the fabulous highest rating of 20 points from GaultMillau. His unequalled career started in 1990 in his parents’ restaurant Oud Sluis. Sergio Herman’s outstanding culinary skills saw him achieve the highest ranking of three stars in the Michelin Guide, as well as occupying a continuous leading position for years in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants rankings. Despite this success, Sergio Herman decided at the end of 2013, to close the doors of the legendary gourmet temple, to give his guests an even more unique culinary experience by collaborating with designers, DJs and artists. However, even with his constant drive for innovation, classic cuisine always forms the basis of his creations. Today, the 48-year old is at the head of four restaurants in Belgium and the Netherlands: The Jane in Antwerp (2 Michelin stars), as well as Pure C (1 Michelin star), AIRrepublic (1 Michelin star) and Blueness in Cadzand-Bad. Furthermore, he has taken on the culinary responsibility for the French fries’ concept eatery “Frites Atelier Amsterdam”, which will soon open its fifth and sixth outlet in Ghent and Brussels.

Carlton Hotel***** Superior, St. Moritz From January 12th – 14th 2019 Executive Chef Graziano Caccioppoli welcomes guest chef:
Le Parc, Domaine Les Crayères, Reims (FR)


  • 2 Michelin stars
  • 17 GaultMillau points
  • Grand Chef Relais & Châtaux
  • Bronze at the Bocuse d’Or, 2009
  • Meilleur Ouvrier de France, 2011

At the magnificent hotel Les Crayères in Reims, two-star chef Philippe Mille practices his art in the Le Parc restaurant, excellent classic haute cuisine dishes in modern creations. The native Frenchman says that the style of his cuisine is based on the most essential and contains “enjoyment, generosity and childhood memories”. These facilitate his refined play using textures and subtly prepared nuances of flavour, such as his Lobster from Roscoff cooked with tarragon and served with local lentils and onion cream. In his younger years, Philippe Mille frequently spent time on his grandmother’s farm. “This is where I had the chance to grow produce myself and to taste it in wonderful traditional dishes.” During his learning and travelling years, he had stints under some of the greatest French star-chefs, such as Jean Bordier (Aubergade) and Michel Roth (Lasserre and Ritz), as well as Yannick Alléno at the Meurice, with whom he won Bronze at the Bocuse d’Or contest.

Kulm Hotel St. Moritz***** Superior, St. Moritz From January 12th – 14th 2019 Executive Chef Mauro Taufer welcomes guest chef:
Grand Hotel Quellenhof, Bad Ragaz (CH)


  • Shooting Star of the Year 2018 (GaultMillau)3 toques and 17 GaultMillau points
  • Discovery of the Year 2016 (GaultMillau)

At the incredibly young age of 31, Swiss master chef Sven Wassmer already ranks amongst the very best in his home country. Celebrated as “Shooting Star of the Year 2018” and awarded 18 points by GaultMillau, he prefers to pick himself his own ingredients for his cosmopolitan alpine avant-garde cuisine, combining this with seemingly contradictory produce from all around the world to prepare magnificent taste sensations. For instance, “Alpine Dim Sum with Swiss dashi of roast potato peels” and “Char with burned cream and spruce” are two of Sven Wassmer’s many well reputed signature dishes. After holding professional positions in renowned establishments, alongside famous chefs such as Nuno Mendes and Andreas Caminada, Sven Wassmer previously worked as head chef at the Silver Restaurant in the 7132 Hotel in Vals until May 2018, where he was awarded two Michelin stars. Together with his wife and sommelière Amanda Wassmer Bulgin, he has formed a mutually inspired “liaison culinaire” that has caused a sensation in the culinary world. In 2019, the kindred partners will be adding another chapter to their success story by opening two new restaurants in July at the Grand Hotel Quellenhof in Bad Ragaz

Nira Alpina**** Superior, Silvaplana-Surlej From January 12th – 14th 2019 Executive Chef Dariusz Durdyn welcomes guest chef:
Indian Accent, New Delhi (IN)


  • World’s Best Restaurant in India 2014 – 2018
  • No. 1 Chef in India – The Economic Times 2018
  • Culinary Excellence – Hello Hall of Fame 2018
  • No. 19 – Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2018
  • Chef of the Year 2017 – Eazy Diner Foodie Awards
  • Chef of the Year 2016 – Living Foods Power List Awards
  • Winner of Foodistan – NDTV Good Times
  • Best Chef Vir Sanghvi – HT City Crystal Awards
  • Gourmet Guru of India – Food & Night Life Magazine
  • Excellence Award for Shining the World’s Spotlight on India condé nast –Traveller India Readers’ Travel Awards 2014

Manish Mehrotra is globally recognised as one of the best chefs in India. With his culinary skills, he has succeeded in redefining Indian cuisine giving it a modern touch and thus putting it on the gourmet world map. His restaurant in Delhi is called “Indian Accent”, with branches in New York and London. From the traditional national dish Chaat, Manish Mehrotra created the signature dish “Potato Sphere Chaat, White Peas Ragda”, and uses it to outline the philosophy of his cuisine: “Chaat is one of the most-loved street foods of India. Every Indian has a favourite, feeling the best chaat comes from his city. A common request is for the potato patty to be crisp. At Indian Accent, we have replaced the potato patty with a crisp potato sphere, topped with yogurt and spicy chutneys, to make a delectable starter.” While Manish Mehrotra is internationally celebrated, and his list of distinctions steadily grows, for him, aromas and taste are the true heroes: “Indian Accent showcases inventive Indian cuisine by complementing the flavours and traditions of India with global ingredients and techniques.”

Suvretta House***** Superior, St. Moritz From January 12th – 14th 2019 Executive Chef Fabrizio Zanetti welcomes guest chef:
Caprice, Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong (CN)


  • 2 Michelin stars
  • No. 15 – La Liste China, Best Restaurant Awards 2018
  • No. 46 – Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants
  • No. 1 – South China Morning Post: 100 Top Tables 2017/18

In the dishes of two-star chef Guillaume Galliot, aromas of France dance together with “the tastes of the world”. Thanks to his repeatedly awarded culinary skills the Caprice Restaurant in the Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong is one of the most popular gourmet addresses in Asia. “When I fall in love with a product, I experiment with it until flavour perfection is reached in a dish”, the native Frenchman explains. Signature dishes such as ““Racan pigeon from Maison Bellorr, cooked in cocoa pod, fig marmalade, salsify and cocoa jus”, are the result of many years of research. Guillaume Galliot can call on a wealth of experience as a cook and patissier. His impressive career started in the three-star Jardin des Sens restaurant, followed by stints in leading establishments in New York, Singapore and Beijing – among others. Recently, Guillaume Galliot attracted international attention in The Tasting Room in Macau, were his cuisine was also awarded two Michelin stars, before he moved to the Caprice in Hong Kong in 2017.

Grand Hotel des Bains Kempinski ***** Superior, St. Moritz From January 16th – 18th 2019 Executive Chef
Matthias Schmidberger welcomes guest chef:
Mingles, Seoul (KR)


  • 2 Michelin stars
  • No. 11 – Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2018
  • No. 78 – World’s Best Restaurants 2018
  • No. 15 and highest new entry – Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2016
  • Awarded 1st Prize, KOREAT 2016 (Gourmet Survey
    in Korea)

South Korean Mingoo Kang has found success in a fascinating way, harmoniously blending taste, his skills and visual presentation – a symbiosis of ancient eating culture and international haute cuisine. His Mingles restaurant in Seoul’s Gangnam district became one of the most appealing gourmet addresses in Eastern Asia shortly after opening in 2014. In his signature dessert “Jang Trio”, Mingoo Kang re-interprets aromas in the mother of all Kore- an sauces using western elements: “My crème brûlée is made with doenjang (fermented bean paste), the pecan garnish seasoned with ganjang reduction (soy sauce) and the puffed rice is lightly roasted with gochujang (fer- mented pepper paste)”. He studied the art of cookery at Kyonggi University in Suwon, expanding his know-how in America and Europe with Martin Berasategui in San Sebastian, amongst others. The legendary Nobu Matsuhisa of Nobu in the Bahamas made him his youngest Executive Chef. Mingoo Kang studied the DNA of traditional Korean cuisine under mentor Cho Hee Sook and the Buddhist priestess Jeongkwan, before he created something entirely new with his own culinary signature at Mingles.

Grand Hotel Kronenhof***** Superior, Pontresina From January 16th – 18th 2019 Executive Chef Fabrizio Piantanida welcomes guest chef:

Kadeau, Kopenhagen (DK)


  • 2 Michelin stars (Kadeau Copenhagen)
  • 1 Michelin star (Kadeau Bornholm)
  • No. 94 – The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2017 (Kadeau Copenhagen)
  • No. 7 – Top 100 OAD 2017 (Kadeau Bornholm)
  • 4x “Dish of the Year Denmark”

“The backbone of our cuisine is the nature on Bornholm”, says Nicolai Nørregaard, the Danish two-star chef from the island of Bornholm. The rough isle in the Baltic Sea serves as the larder for his cuisine. Nørregaard and his team collect and preserve around seven tons of delicious natural treasures every season, using these to create exceptional signature dishes such as, “Pickled pumpkin, wood ants, fermented white asparagus with grilled roses in fig leaf oil”. “My food has always been somewhat complicated. I value taste over concept. I normally use a quantity of ingredients to increase the complexity and balance of the most varied produce in one single dish”, says Nicolai Nørregaard. The surprising natural talent taught himself to cook at home and it did not take long until he received international acclaim for his terroir cuisine. Together with his friends Rasmus and Magnus Kofoed, the 39-year-old chef manages the star-crowned Kadeau restaurants in Copenhagen and on the island, as well as three further establishments. A juice-making business complements the successful trio’s New Nordic Cuisine gastro-empire.

Hotel Giardino Mountain***** Superior, Champfèr/St. Moritz From January 16th – 18th 2019 Executive Chef
Michel Hojac welcomes guest chef:

L’air du temps, Liernu (BE)


  • 2 Michelin stars
  • 19 GaultMillau points / 5 Toques
  • No. 35 – European Restaurants 2018 (OAD-Ranking)

The creations by two-star chef Sang-Hoon Degeimbre are a kaleidoscope of his five-hectare garden and farming activities that surround his L’air du temps Restaurant in Liernu, in the Belgian province of Namur. Born in Korea and adopted as a child, he grew up in Belgium. Sang-Hoon Degeimbre combines in his kitchen the aromas of his two home countries with inspiration gathered during journeys around the world. “I try to create dishes using collec- tive memory, transcribing these traditions into modern times. Invoking emotions with all the ingredients from my garden, accentuating the flavours of local or unique produce with some particular twist that brings delights and creates an experience to remember”, is the way Sang-Hoon Degeimbre describes his style. Armed with a phar- macy degree and his experience as a highly successful sommelier before embarking on his career as a chef, this internationally celebrated superstar of the Belgian gourmet scene, has acquired comprehensive and substantial knowledge in his field and a well-schooled yet subtle perception of the most varied of flavour nuances.

Hotel Waldhaus*****, Sils-Maria
From January 16th – 18th 2019 Executive Chef Gero Porstein welcomes the guest chefs:

Restaurant Sühring, Bangkok (TH)


  • 2 Michelin stars
  • GaultMillau’s “Best German chefs abroad 2018”
  • No. 4 – Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2018
  • No. 54 – World’s 100 Best Restaurants 2018
  • No. 1 – Bangkok’s Top Tables 2018

“Simplicity isn’t simple”, is the philosophy of Thomas and Mathias Sühring. In the centre of Bangkok, far from their native Berlin, the twin brothers enthral diners with their vision of New German Cuisine. The twins’ culinary journey began while spending annual school summer breaks at their grandparents’ farm. Here, they were introduced to old-school kitchen techniques such as fermentation, pickling, smoking, drying and curing, all rooted in German tradition. Then they worked throughout Europe under iconic three-Michelin starred chefs such as Sven Elverfeld at “Aqua”, Jonnie Boer at “De Librije” and Heinz Beck at “La Pergola” before moving to Thailand in 2008. Since March 2016, the Sühring has been showcasing the best of modern German fare inspired by childhood memories and family recipes. All elevated to the level of haute cuisine and combining the essence of traditional dishes with contemporary Central European influences. In next to no time, the Sühring restaurant was awarded its first Mich- elin star and ranked straightaway among the top addresses on the list of Asia’s 50 best restaurants. Meanwhile the chef duo already received the second star by Michelin Guide.

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