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Waffer cups – (This you will get in shop where you will get the chocolate & cake making items or in any supermarket )
Nutella – for fillings
Almond or hazelnut – I used almond. If its small the use whole or if its big then cut into half.
Milk chocolate & dark chocolate – (you can either use milk or dark chocolate but here I used combination of both.)
Kaju kani (small chunks of cashew nuts)

Method :

  • First take the waffer cups in a plate. Fill each waffer cup with nutella. Put one piece of almond in one cup & close with another nutella filled cup. Likewise do the same with all the cups & keep in the freezer for 10-15 mins.
  • In the meantime cut the chocolates in small pieces & melt in double boiler. I don’t suggest you to melt in microwave as it harm the texture of chocolates.
  • When chocolates is melted completely, remove from the flame, give a good stir & add the kaju kani as much as u want. Mix them well.
  • Now take the waffer balls out of the freezer, using 2 folk ; slowly add 1 ball into melted chocolates ,coat them well. If the balls open, don’t panic, just with soft hand coat it well & using fork keep it in the plate. Likewise do the same with rest of the balls.
  • Again keep the coated balls in the freezer for 10-15 mins. We have to do the double coating of chocolate.
  • If you need more chocolate for double coating then add some more chopped chocolates in the melted chocolate, melt them using double boiler again & remove from the flame, add some more kaji kani in it.
  • If you don’t need more chocolate for coating, then just before taking out the balls from the freezer, just melt the chocolate again because in 15 mins times the melted chocolates becomes hard.
  • Now take the balls out of the freezer, take one balls put it into the melted chocolates using 2 forks, coat them well & keep it in the plate again. Likewise do the same with rest of the balls. Freeze it again for 10-15 mins more.
  • Enjoy the yummy yummy home made ferrero rocher

Note : If you want to gift them to your friend, then cover it golden paper, put it into small brown paper cups & tadaaaa its ready to give gift to your near & dear ones

Ferrero Rocher-2


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