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Ingredients :

200g Kajoor (Dates) without seed
Cake crumble 150g
Raisins 50g
Biscuit Crumble 150g
1/2tsp cinnamon powder
1 tbp coco powder (optional)
100g sesame seeds (till)
Butter paper or Baking paper
1 tsp margarine.


  • Grind the kajoor (not into a paste) than add cake biscuit, cinnamon, coco powder (optional) and margarine in a bowl and mix all together with your hands. In the end mix raisins.
  • Make little rolls.
  • On a flat surface or a plate spread sesame seeds and roll the kajoor rolls in it. when all surfaces are covered wrap in baking paper (butter paper).
  • Place the rolls in the freezer until hard or rock hard take out cut and serve.
  • Ideal for Iftar time. Its best if you keep it in the freezer and take it out only when or at the time of serving, cut into inch size pieces. Don’t worry it defrosts itself within minutes. you can also have it in different shapes like little star (as seen in picture)

Tip :

  • Best storage place: Freezer
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