Recipe Submitted by : Zeenat Hasta

Serves 4

Preperation Time 25 Minutes


Dry Fruits

The egg, sugar & ghee needs to be of equal quantity so if you take the measurement of 2 beaten eggs, the sugar and ghee will be the same.


  • Take a vessel and beat the eggs and mark the vessel with the level of the eggs and then pour it in a non stick vessel.
  • Then take the same measurement of sugar and add it to the eggs.
  • Then take same measurement of ghee and add this also to the eggs and sugar. Also add pinch of saffron and little of dry-fruits.
  • Keep the vessel on the gas on medium flame and keep steering the batter till the color changes to golden brown.
  • As soon as you see the required color take a flat plate and pour the mixture and pat it with a flat spoon (like we do for making chikkies).
  • When a little warm just cut it in the shape of diamonds and when completely cooled, you can store the pieces in a can.

 The mixture before cooking

 The cooked mixture

 The Diamonds

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