Recipe Submitted by : Patricia Shea

Duration : 40 Minutes

Serves : 8

Ingredients for the Marzipan
2oz toasted almonds ground fine in a coffee grinder – usually you wait until warm things are cool to grind them because they get oily or damp but in this case you want to make the grind a bit soggy so I did them while they were still warm.
2oz icing/confectioners sugar
1 teaspoon almond extract/essence
1 egg yolk – from a reliable source so you have no risk of salmonella – if you are worried about using raw egg yolks them maybe just buy your marzipan or almond paste – whichever you prefer.
Put all ingredients in a bowl and mush/knead together until the mixture holds – break and roll into 8 even balls and put aside until later.

Ingredients for Fairy Cakes
They should all be at room temperature: This recipe makes 8 – an odd amount I know – it is supposed to make 12 but I didn’t see how you stretched the batter that far – you could go to 10 maybe and then they’d be bit more even with the top of the cupcake liner.
4 oz butter softened
4 oz sugar
4 oz flour plain/all purpose flour sifted together with 1 scant teaspoon baking powder or 4oz self raising flour
2 eggs whisked well
1 teaspoon almond extract/essence
8 scant teaspoons raspberry jam
8 glace cherries – the traditional ones and they’re nice because they’re not wet like the ones I chose which are maraschino cherries – I chose them because I found a brand which has no red dye or artificial preservatives which I like but they are wetter and should be drained for a while before using.

Method for Cake

  • Firstly put your cupcake liners into muffin pans to help the cakes stand up whilst baking.
  • Cream the butter and sugar together until light in texture and colour.
  • Slowly add eggs bit by bit and beat well in between additions.
  • Beat in the almond extract/essence.
  • Fold in the sifted flour and baking powder with a metal spoon – apparently this stops air escaping – a wooden spoon lets the air escape – until evenly mixed!
  • Separate your mixture in two even parts – just to each side of the bowl – and then spoon a good big teaspoon dollop of batter into each cupcake case.
  • Add a good teaspoon of jam to each and then bob the ball of marzipan on top of each blob of jam thus:
  • Top with more batter and try to smooth the batter to seal the jam and marzipan in nice and cozily
  • Remove from oven and move onto a cooling rack – allow to cool completely
  • In the meantime make the icing – 2oz icing/confectioner’s sugar and I scant tablespoon boiling water – or a bit less – my icing was a tad runny – mix the two together and allow to thicken a bit before you use – just keep stirring if it starts to dry out on top.
  • When the cakes are cooled completely put a small teaspoon of icing on the top and smooth into a circle – as I said mine was a bit runny and I put a bit too much on so it ran down the edge of the cakes but you want to keep the icing in a nice neat circle on the top that stays about a good ¼” from the edge of the cakes – you can see how I TRIED to do that.
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