Recipe Submitted by : Purva’s Food Funda (Mumbai, India)

Ingredients :
Spinach paste – 1 cup
Lapashi rawa /Daliya (Broken wheat) – 2 cups
Mung dal (spilt green gram)- 1 cup
Crush of green chilies, ginger, garlic – 1 tbsp or as per taste
Soda-bicarb- 1 pinch
Salt to taste
For temper (tadaka/ phodani):
Oil- 1 tbsp
Mustered seeds- 1 tsp
Asafoetida (hing)- ¼ tsp
Curry leaves- 5/6

Method :

  • Soak daliya & mung dal for minimum 4 hours. Grind them & keep overnight for formatting.
  • Take this mixture in a bowl. Add spinach, green chilies, ginger, garlic crush, salt and soda bi-carb & mix well. Grease the tray or thali.
  • Put above mixture in thali & steam it for 20 minutes.
  • Cool and cut into square. Make temper ( Heat the oil in small pan. Add mustered seeds, when they popping, add hing & curry leaves. Remove from flame. Don’t burn it.)and sprinkle on dhokala.
  • Garnish with coriander & scrapped coconut. Serve with any chutney.
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