Submitted by : Purva’s Food Funda

Ingredients :

Paneer (Cottage cheese)- 250 gm
Boondi.- 1cup (optional)
Green paste- as required
Red chili powder- ½ tsp
1 cup of Gram flour (besan).
Turmeric powder- ½ tsp
Asafetida (Hing)- ¼ tsp (optional)
Soda bicarbonate- 1 pinch
Salt- to taste
Oil- as required

Ingredients for Green paste:

Garlic-10 cloves
1 ½ inch of ginger piece
3 to 4 green chilies
a handful of fresh coriander
Some mint leaves(optional),
Grind all ingredients into smooth paste.


  • Cut cottage cheese into two inch by half inch sized pieces.
  • Slit each piece into half leaving one edge intact for filling. Crush the boondi with your hand and keep aside.
  • Take gram flour in one bowl & add red chili powder, turmeric powder, hing, soda bicarbonate and salt.
  • Add sufficient water and whisk well to make a batter of a coating consistency.
  • Rest the batter for about fifteen minutes.
  • Stuff green chutney into the slit of each cottage cheese piece.
  • Heat sufficient oil in a kadhai (wok pan).
  • Dip each baton of cottage cheese into the batter.
  • Roll in the crushed boondi and deep fry on medium heat till crisp and golden brown. Serve hot with a chutney of your choice.
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