Sun Nov 04 2018
at 12:30 pm to 03:00 pm


Kalpana’s Kitchen, Khanderao Smruti, 2nd floor, Dattapada Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400066, Mumbai, India

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Kalpana’s Kitchen

Welcome drink :
Kokum Sherbat: This drink is prepared from fresh Kokum fruit.
Main dishes :
1. Katyache Bhuzane OR Chimbori che Khadkhadle
Ghol Fish Backbone curry OR Crabs cooked with lots of garlic.
Subject to availability.
2. Rawas / Bangda / Pomfret Fry
Subject to availability of fish. The fish is fried with minimum spices.
3. Tomato chi Sheer with fresh prawns.
This is a coconut based dish, yummy and light. Chef’s favourite!
4. Bombil Methkut
Fresh Bombay ducks cooked in pickle masala. An all time favourite with the previous guests.
5. Kolambi che hirave kalvan
Prawns cooked in coconut milk. The green colour is maintained.
Prawns will be replaced with Ghol fish if Crabs are in the main dish.
6. Cauliflower che Bhanavle.
Baked dish with shrimps or prawns,
An authentic dish which is shared by Lufthansa Airlines in their Indian Cookbook on flight.
7. Matki chi Usal
A typical Maharashtrian recipe garnished with fresh grated coconut.
8. Phulkas
Hot phulkas served from the fire to your Thalis.
9. Varan, bhaat and Toop.
Tur Dal, Ambe Mor Rice and homemade ghee.
10. Koshimbir
Fresh salad prepared with crushed peanuts.
11. Kairi & Onion Chutney
Raw mangoes and Onion tasty chutney.
12. Pickle
Deserts :
13. Mathlele Ladoo + Surprise Diwali Sweet dish
14. Kharwas : Milk Pudding
16. Paan Shots
Home grown Maghai paan crushed with rose petals, fennel seeds, cloves, etc. to help you digest your meal.
The above menu does not include red meat or chicken!

You can contact us on 9221030532 to book your seats. Booking closes on 1st Nov.’18. We will send confirmations to the first 12 guests. We would appreciate it if the guests are friends or mutual friends on Facebook.
Contribution : Rs 1500 per person for adults

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