Recipe Submitted by : Russian Recipe Book

Duration : 1080 minutes

Serve : 5

Ingredients :

1 cup pearl barley
4 cups water
½ gallon milk (yes lots of milk but some of the water will evaporate during cooking)
Salt to taste
Butter or heavy cream to taste

Method :

  • Remove any dirt from barley and wash it a few times.
  • Add 4 cups of cold water to the pearl barley and let it soak overnight for 10-12 hours
  • Get your water bath ready – determine the right amount of water for the larger outer pot after the smaller one is placed inside. Bring the water to boil and then reduce the heat.
  • Pour water off the soaked barley
  • Add milk to the soaked pearl barley and bring it to boil stirring frequently and thoroughly trying to minimize the amount of kasha sticking to the bottom and sides of the pot.
  • Simmer, uncovered, for a couple of minutes while stirring often as in the step above.
  • Cover and place in the water bath
  • Adjust the heat so the water in the outer pot barely boils. The more rapidly it boils the more frequently you’ll need to replenish it even though that will not cook your kasha any faster.
  • Cook, covered, for 6 hours. No need to stir the kasha. Just keep checking the water level in the water bath and replenish it with boiling water as needed. Be sure you use boiling water for replenishment. The kasha will acquire cream or light-caramel color (see the picture).
  • Remove kasha from the water bath, and let stand, covered for about 10 minutes
  • Transfer the kasha to a clean container; don’t scrape it off the bottom or sides of the original pot – you’ll end up with unsightly results. Just use what comes out of the pot easily
  • Add salt to taste
  • Add heavy cream to taste before serving, or put a piece of butter on top of kasha in each plate prior to serving
  • Serve. Stir in the melting butter before eating.
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