It was a good decision I felt after meeting this noble soul. I usually travel in car either my own or way back home in my colleagues car. The other day I decided to travel by train.

 I boarded the train and saw one tall guy neatly dressed saying something to the passengers and had a donation box in his hand. I dint even bother look at him and passed by to take my seat as its very common in local trains of Mumbai. After settling down on my seat I started to watch what this tall guy is all about.  By his speech I understood that he is professor who is reaching out to people in local train for donation for Shloka Missionaries Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which focuses on providing education to poor children of Ratnagiri district.  I was initially reluctant to donate as I was not sure of him being  true.  So I googled about him on my phone and found out that what he was saying was actually true and he is widely appreciated by the media. He appeals to the passengers in four languages – English, Hindi, Marathi and Gujrati. I think in that compartment I was the first to donate and little later I saw many coming forward to donate. Few where even keen to be associated with him in some way.

I have made-up my mind whenever possible, I will travel by train and hope to meet Prof. Desai and donate a little extra than what I had.

We instead of donating to build churches & temples should donate to such good causes for God does not need temples, churches or mosque to dwell – for he resides in me and you and I have seen him in Prof. Desai good deed.

One can get connected with Prof. Desai on +91-9322757030

Website :

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