Recipe Submitted by : Cook Guru | Portuguese Cooking

Ingredients :

1 Portion of long grain rice
Butter when necessary
¼ of portion of almonds
¼ of portion of sultanas
0.5 kg of onions
3 cooked eggs
A bit of hillside herbs poorly grinded

Method :

  • Fry the chopped almonds with butter till golden and keep them in a recipient. Do the same with the sultanas and with the chopped onions.
  • Put the long grain rice with water in a pan (the water should be more or less 2,5 cm above the rice on the pan). Then take it to the stove to cook and add a little bit of salt, hillside herbs and a half of the portions of the sultanas, almonds and onions.
  • Stir the rice sometimes while cooking. When it’s cooked and there’s no water on the pan, add a bit of butter, put the rice on a recipient to serve and set the rest of the almonds, sultanas, onions and chopped cooked eggs over the rice. Your side dish is ready and you can serve it either with meat or fish.
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