Recipe Submitted by : Cook Guru | Portuguese Cooking

Ingredients :

Tiger prawns
Chili to taste
Lemon juice
Salt to taste
Olive oil
1 chopped onion

Method :

  • Take off the prawns guts and open them by the middle. Spice them well with salt and chili and put them in a recipient appropriate to cook in the kiln.
  • Over the prawns put a lot of lemon juice, olive oil and wait some hours.
  • Before serving, take them of this sauce, staunch and grill them. Add a bit of saffron and the chopped onion to the sauce that remains in the recipient. Take it tothe kiln until the onion gets cooked.
  • When the prawns are grilled put them in the recipient and add some of this cooked sauce over them. Take them to the kiln for a few minutes just to become moresucculent.
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