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Duration : 25 minutes

Ingredients :
150g Semolina
2 tbsp Ghee
150g Sugar
700ml Water
50g Raisins

Method :

  • You start by adding ghee in a wok on the stove and let the ghee get warm but not too hot. Add your semolina and roast it until it changes its colour to a dark golden. You will already smell a nice aroma that makes your mouth water already now.
  • At this point you add the sugar, mix it once with the semolina and add the water. It is up to you how sweet you like your Halwa. You can decrease or increase the amount of sugar as you wish.
  • Here, too, you can add more or less or get creative and use other nuts as well.
  • Your Halwa is nearly done now. You only need to keep on stirring for approximately five minutes. In that time, the semolina will absorb the water and the mixture will turn into a nice and delicious paste.
  • Eat it hot, that is how it is most delicious!


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