Submitted by : Nitu Didi

Serve : 4-6

Ingredients :
250 grams mushrooms, preferable fresh, quartered
250 grams green beans, tips removed
1 cup of mixed colored capsicums (i used red and green)
1/2 cup of grated tomatoes
1 cup rice
3- 4cups of water
4 cloves of garlic, chopped
6 tablespoons of olive oil
1/2 teaspoon each of Nitu Didis paprika powder, rosemary,
1 pinch of Nitu Didis pure spanish saffron
Salt to taste

Method :

  • In a round pan heat the olive oil and add the mushrooms and cook them on high heat till they get soft, add the chopped garlic and the beans and cook till soft then add the grated tomatoes and all the herbs and spices and cook till tomato is cooked.
  • Add the capsicum and the rice and the water and cook uncovered without stirring til rice is done.
  • You can shake the pan from time to time but try not to use a spoon to stir it. Serve hot!!
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